Antique Prints: Gould: Hummingbirds

GHB204 Chrysolampis Moschitus

GHB161 Loddigesia Mirabilis

GHB054 Aphantochroa Cirrhochloris

GHBS Diphlogaena Hesperus

GHB067 Topaza Pyra

GHB179 Aglaeactis Cupreipennis

GHB181 Aglaeactis Pamela

GHB098 Trochilus Polytmus

GHB178 Pterophanes Temmincki
John Gould's hand colored lithographs of Hummingbirds. 418 different images were published, but not all are available. Prices range from US$600.00 to US$2800.00. Paper size is 16 x 22 inches. 

Gould Hummingbird Price List

All antique prints are offered subject to prior sale and unframed.